Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

For those who celebrate Easter and Passover, have a happy and inspiring day.

I finally manage to take some shots of the bits on Mary I have done so far:

I present the back view leaf pattern in detail on the back
the back and sleeve the ill fated left frontwith errornow ripped
But we live to fight another day. More progress when I have the courage to face her. I am determined to finish her before summer ends, but she is a tough one!! Its a lovely day. Off to do some gardening and battle with squirrels.


Poshyarns said...

You are doing a great job on Mary, it is going to be absolutely beautiful when you finish and you are so close. I feel shamed now, I have been working on a Denim pattern for him indoors and it keeps getting abandoned in favour of something more interesting. I can't even bring myself to photograph it, maybe I should be inspired by your example, perhaps getting it all out will get me started again. How do you like knitting with the Denim? I have to admit I find it hard going but I do love the idea of the finished product improving with age.

Anonymous said...

Your back and the sleeves look great. Just the right front and the pattern on the left front. Soon Mary will be ready to hit the washing machine.
How is Maggie doing?

Kathleen said...

Looks as if you are very nearly nearly there with Mary. It's a lovely looking pattern - hang on in there!

sarah said...

Well Johanne I am very jealous. I knitted Mary at least six years ago, probably more and I bought the yarn in a little shop in St David's in Wales. I wanted to knit it in black but the shop only had the dark blue and you know what it's like I was desperate to get going so bought it. I always regretted not doing it in black and of course now the black is discontinued - I'd love to get my hands on some. Unfortunately I think my knitting has improved since then, certainly my finishing off has and my Mary is not that well finished off - also I've expanded in size and it seems to have shrunk, it does come up very neat. You must persevere and I will keep visiting your blog to see the finished article. I'm sure it will be stunning in black.
love Sarah(Somner)