Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm still having problems with my laptop. I'm using the young man's to catch up on my blog. Over the next few posts I will try and put up my recent completed projects.
I promised to take a picture wearing the pinwheel coat so here it is completed and being worn!!


Pattern Name: Pinwheel Sweater (Adult)

Designer: Shelley Mackie

Pattern Source:

Date started: 28/09/09

Date finished: 23/10/09

Yarn: All from stash most now discontinued

Needles: 6mm
Comments: I used a heavier yarn and bigger needles than stated because I wanted a coat rather than a cardigan, certainly something that would keep me warm for the coming winter. I also omitted the yarn overs after the first colour change, for the same reasons. I enjoyed knitting this, even when it got to over 400 stitches! Brilliant stash buster!!!!

Snow ball Scarf

Well, I saw this stuff when I was at Ally Pally in October and walked swiftly by thinking, never, never, never. However, when my local yarn store stocked it, I thought, mmmm. But each time I went in, the stuff (I can't bring myself to call it yarn just yet) kept calling to me. I gave in a bought a ball on Monday. I had a free morning today and one hour later after twisting on 5 stitches, I had a snuggly, warm scarf!! What more can I say?

Pattern name: Scarf in a ball
Pattern Source: Ball band
Yarn: Sirdar snowball
Needles: 8mm
Date started: 10 December 09
Date finished: 10 December 09
Comments: A surreal experience!!

More to follow!!


Dawn said...

I knitted a few of those scarves last year, oddly addictive, but I still can't say that I love the novelty yarn. Given to my two young nieces, right up their street! Love the jacket, just what you need in this weather!

Anonymous said...

Love your pinwheel. It looks even better in real life, it really brightens up a gray winters day.
Almost caved in at the yarn store - managed to resist.

sue said...

The pinwheel jacket does look beautiful. I knitted some of those scarves earlier this year, quite addictive and they dont feel too bad wrapped around your neck.