Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stuck record

This curved edge cardi is REALLY kicking my butt. Seriously. I can't finish it - it seems to be never ending and I can't work on anything else. My conscience won't let me!! I am winning. I seemed to have knitted at least 10 feet of 1x1 rib for the edging. I think I have another 10 feet to go. I'm about three quarters of the way round - oh and my mum's birthday was 2 days ago.
See - yards and yards of ribbing!!
And it's not as though I don't have things to finish. I haven't finished my July Mystery Blanket squares and then there are Picnic's squares, not to mention Mossy.....

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Dawn said...

What can I say? Your ribbing looks really good, but in a million years I'd never do that - you have to sew it on too? Until slightly stretched? Double yuck. You deserve an award! I bet it will look great though.