Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nearly there

I've been working on 2 projects over the past couple of weeks, the Estes Vest from the latest Interweave Knits and the Mystery Blanket. Both of them are almost complete. There is one more installment left to arrive on the Mystery blanket at the beginning of October. I have 2 more squares to knit from the September package. That will leave 4 squares and the border to complete in October. I became a little complacent knitting the blanket and made a huge mistake which took a bit of concentration to put right. When it's all finished I will post the final pictures.
The Estes Vest has been a joy to knit. It's all texture, all cable - but not complex. I'm almost finished, the vest is waiting for a collar and zip, which will have to wait until I finish the September Mystery blanket squares.

This has been an excellent stash buster. I knit the vest using double stranded yarn. The vest will get a lot of use now that the rugby season has started.


Dawn said...

Love the vest! I don't wear vests, but they're a great idea for keeping warm, maybe this is the winter when I'll do that (with those sky high fuel costs!)

Anonymous said...

Your Estes looks a lot better than the one in Interweave knits.
Maybe we will all be knitting one soon to wear during the cold dark winter.