Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A winter (or in my case, Summer) warmer: Mossy

I took this away with me to show my sister how the yarn knit up and ended up finishing it. I'd managed about 10 rows before, so that will tell you how much knitting I got through due to bad weather.

Pattern details:

Name: Moss Stitch jacket

Pattern Source: Cashmere Collection by Debbie Bliss

Yarn used: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky

Needles: 7mm and 7.5mm

Size: Smallest

Started: July 2008

Finished: 23 Aug 2008

Comments - besides running out of yarn (my fault), the pattern is very straight forward. I didn't find any errors. The end result is a real slouch on the sofa warmer. I was worried that the jacket would drop and stretch with wear - it hasn't so far.

On a personal note, I killed the Afro!!


Dawn said...

That jacket is jsut what you need in this weather! And now that you've finished it, Fall Knitty is up!

Shame about the hair but it's so much easier with shorter hair!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you finished the Mossy.
Mossy will keep you warm since you now have a cold head.
Mossy looks great on you.

juliet said...

That is such a fabulous knit and the colour is perfect - especially for feeling warm in cold weather