Tuesday, August 26, 2008

St Brigid

She's finally done:

Pattern details:
Pattern: St Brigid
Pattern Source: Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore
Yarn: Jamiesons Soft Shetland
Needles: 4.5mm
Started: May 2007
Finished: August 2008
Comments: Love it. Fabulous pattern. I'm definitely a chart girl. My neck line is possibly a bit loose, but I like it as it is. I will knit another Starmore pattern.

The other advantage to visiting your sister - she can model your finished objects!!!
My camera work does not do this beauty justice. I will however be spending the rest of my life picking out the remnants of heather (well I'm hoping it's heather) from the sweater. Not from the wonderful scenery - that's how it came. I'm still puzzled how yarn comes with all the vegetation given all the processing it goes through..
No rest for the wicked, the UFO pile is overflowing.


sue said...

St. Brigid turned out beautifully.

Dawn said...

It's so beautiful! Nothing like a lovely cabled jumper. Nothing like finishing a big project like this either! Aren't you glad you persevered with it over the months?! And now that UFO pile might be overflowing, but it's a piece of cake now that St B's out of the way!

Anonymous said...

Looks fab, well done. Hoping to see it on person soon! Jacqueline

Anonymous said...

St. B. looks fantastic. Where is the rest of your sister?
We should tell the sheep to be a bit more careful and not hang around the heather so much ;)

littlelixie said...

That is really beautiful!

SYLVIE said...

That's is just so pretty! Great job!

knititch said...

it is lovely. i just knitted one myself and now i am knitting one for my sister (beware). it is such fun to knit.

twig said...

Your St. B turned out wonderfully.

kirsty said...

Some seriuosly good looking cable there! Well done, it looks fabulous