Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh Boy

I should take a leaf out of my sisters book and only knit one thing at a time. She thinks I'm mad to have multiple projects on the go. She may be right. I think part of my anomie for knitting at the moment is the fact that I do have so many UFOs screaming at me to be finished. I don't know where to start. In the tradition of small steps, I made a start with smalls squares - aka - the Mystery Blanket. I finally finished the July squares, hot on the heels of the arrival of my August package. I can see light at the end of the tunnel on this now. There are only 8 squares left to knit and then of course the edging and whatever else Debbie Abrahams has in store.

No rest for the wicked. I shall be starting the August Squares right away.

Whilst in my knitting funk, all has not been abandoned. To keep my hand in I've been knitting these:

This is one of the skeins I dyed whilst at Sue's earlier this year. Next on the list of long suffering UFOs is St Brigid - the summer is depressingly absent and it feels fitting to be knitting in the winter months which feel too close for comfort today!

On the non knitting front, the young man is still giving Jamie Oliver a run for money!

Macaroni Cheese. Young Man used a family recipe. I'm beginning to feel surplus to requirements!!


Miss 376 said...

That looks delicious, love it when my boys cook.

Dawn said...

I'm looking forward to getting back to square knitting. Your socks look lovely, and no pooling!

And the best bit - that macaroni cheese looks wonderful!

Amelia said...

Can I borrow him for a few days to make me dinner? As Dawn said, the lack of pooling on the socks is impressive - you could teach some of the yarn dyers out there a thing or two ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss N. is impressed, she didn't know young man is such a good cook.