Sunday, June 01, 2008

Picot Edged Sweater

We have a finished object: The Picot Edged Sweater by Lois Daykin from her Baby Knits book. This is the second project I've completed from the book. This pattern however was not a joy to knit - however, it has not deterred me from trying other projects in the book, so there will be more to come. For now:

Pattern: Picot edged Sweater

Source: Baby Knits by Lois Daykin

Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK

Needles: 3.25 and 4mm

Started: 6/3/08

Finished: 28/5/08
Comments: The finished object is gorgeous. The pattern itself is quite simple but the pattern instructions were not the most user friendly. Once I'd read through it a couple of times to make sense of it, it made sense to make a few modifications. I did not do a picot cast off, I did a picot cast on - far less ends to sew in! I did not knit the picot edged bow. Again it was a cast off picot pattern but because the bow is sewn on to the neck line area, I thought that the young wearer may want to try to pull it off. I'm not sure what to put there now.

Two more babies have made their entrance to the world, so no doubt there will be more baby things to follow. Since I'm stuck on the couch, baby things and blanket squares are right up my street right now.


Nik said...

the picot edging is very cute.

Anonymous said...

It turned out exactly as the book. It looks beautiful.
How are the squares?