Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mystery Blanket

I have not blogged very much about my progress on the Mystery Blanket aka 'In The Country'. Since I'm housebound I've almost finished the June squares. You will also see in the background my very rarely used ironing board. Is there anyone else who had to purchase an ironing board so they could block their pieces??
As you can see, I've graduated from table top to floor to accommodate the size of the blanket!

Columns 1 and 2 & 6 and 7 are ready to be sewn up. I really love the way the project has progressed over each month and the way the colour scheme works and has come together. There was one new square called Meadow Stripe. The background is reverse stocking stitch and the eye catcher is 9 embroidered lazy daisies. Besides working in colour my second nemesis is embroidery. Suffice to say, the reverse stocking stitch is complete the embroidery is not!! I'm going to have to seek help to do this.

Sheep number 2 - slightly different ( & blurry)

ahh look, they're making friends

Right and wrong sides. I'm winning the battle of sewing in ends!!!


Dawn said...

It's looking great! I've sewn the first two strips and am now on square #3 of the fifth strip.
My ironing board and iron are used for blocking and steaming too, very rarely do I iron clothes!

Anonymous said...

Love your 'help' link ;)
Your sheep look great without the loops.