Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting there

What do you do with a computer you've had repaired twice - equalling the cost of a new computer - when it goes la la on you yet again? We like the January sales!

I've started the left front of the empire line cardigan. My aim is to finish it by the weekend. Karin's blog has a better representationof the colour.

But I have a little distraction

I'm apportioning blame to Karin. She kindly (wickedly) lent me her copy of the Debbie Bliss Simply Baby book. What can I say - apart from what a great stash buster book!! However I must stay focused on my other projects...... Oh and then I went and got this and fell in love with this after seeing it in the flesh at John Lewis. Should I bother trying to curb my enthusiasm?


Adrienne said...

That pink is going to be SO pretty!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, blame me as well for dragging you into John Lewis!
I hope you want to finish the left front by the weekend and not the whole thing.
The hoody is sooo cute. Are you going out again carrying a cone of yarn around?