Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ploughing through

I'm at that stage in most of the working projects where there's not much to show that is interesting or fascinating. Karin won't see me struggling along the road with my 2 cones of yarn - the caped jacket is too bulky to take out as a knitting project on the go. The sleeve is knitted onto the armhole - i.e. you pick up stitches along the armhole and knit from shoulder to wrist. I've almost completed the first sleeve and hope to start the second tonight. It's keeping me warm as I knit it, all gathered in my lap.
stitches picked up along armhole to make sleeve

Mirth, the tank top is plodding along. Switching from 6mm to 3mm needles on the different projects makes the tank feel like walking in wet sand - lots of effort and little results. I'm about a third of the way up on the front having completed the back. The longed for roll neck may well become a crew neck. My dreams of the perfect twin set are fast evaporating. But there is a small part of me determined to persevere and strike a pose for 4ply twin sets!!

As I sit and type away, Juliet is looking at me wanting to know why I haven't sewn her up yet.........

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