Thursday, November 22, 2007

The mind is willing but.......

... the fingers can't knit fast enough!!

I would liked to have shown you a completed Sandia Caped Coat, but alas she gives trouble - well sort of. I didn't use the stated yarn and have doubled up on stash yarn. And have duly run out. My calculations were obviously a little off. As a result I am using creative craftiness to overcome my yarn shortage.

This what is left to complete the collar and the piping around the edges - not a chance!
The collar forms part of the front of the coat so I'm hoping the blended colours won't be too stark a contrast.
This is what was left of one of the cones when I finished the first half of the collar.

Hopefully I can squeeze what I need from the remaining cone.
As this project is coming to an end, I have started 2 new projects,
I managed to convince the young man that Nevis was very manly and he has fallen for the (and I quote) 'Dracula collar'!!
and this.
For me - I have (rather stupidly) been scouring the shops for woolen coats and not seen any I really liked or that would be warm enough. I've always shied away from knitting a whole coat because I thought it would take too long... I'll try anything once!

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Anonymous said...

I can see why young man thought Nevis was/is not manly enough. Look at the young wearing it and the clashing kilt. What is all that about? If they had shown this on Russel Crowe it would look different.
Soon you will have not one but two warm coats.