Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gone roamin'

Today saw me in the far reaches of East Putney (South West London). This is what you do when it's half term and number 1 son is out and about without his mum. This is what you do when, the day before, you volunteer to chaperon 27 cubs on a visit to the Natural History Museum and for added spice, the Science Museum - during fashion week - held on the same grounds. Oh yes, I earned my trip to Stash!!

However, no one told me it would take 3.5 hours to get there. Two 'incidents', one gas leek, one collapsed building and one broken down train later - I finally arrived. I was not disappointed. The best I can say (I won't waste your time gushing about it) is go there. It's a lovely , well presented shop, the staff (I don't want to call them staff, they were so friendly and helpful) are just brill and the atmosphere is calm and inviting.

You may wonder what prompted my visit. Well, I did a search to see if anyone else was knitting the pentagon shrug from the latest VK - I thought I would see if anyone else has started it and if there are any problems I need to know about (given my unresolved problems with the kimono jacket). I found my way to Michelle's blog and low and behold, Stash is her shop!! Michelle is knitting the shrug in Mission Falls 1824 and I decided it was time to visit the shop since I know nothing about the Mission Falls yarn and am stuck for a suitable substitute to the stated yarn. The shop also had a few shawls and stoles (among many other gorgeous items) on display - this has renewed my determination to knit my first stole. Suffice to say I shall be going again - soon!! So my thanks to Polly and Dawn etc. for their reports on Stash. Below are my spoils of the day:

Some JaggerSpun Zephyr wool-silk by Fiddlesticks - I bought this partly because it brought back happy memories of my childhood and long days out in the family car - a Zephyr. Next some SWTC Bamboo for a scarf, I already have one ball in the same colour. Then I got a skein of Malabrigo - a birthday gift for someone who wants a pair of wristers in a dark colour and finally, the mission falls yarn in Raspberry to try out for the shrug.
We also have on the boil:
An adapted Debbie Bliss pattern from home stash

a double moss stitch baby blanket, again from stash

And my try at the pentagon for the shrug. This was knitted in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I wanted to see what it looked like and how it felt to knit it!!


dawn said...

I hadn't realised that you'd not been there before; I try to go every other Saturday, when I'm in Putney and sit and knit (and shop!). Would it be easier for you to catch a train to Clapham J, Putney or Wimbledon, this might be easier than whatever route you're taking.

Michelle said...

I am glad you made it in, and hope that the next time it doesn't take so long in travel time! Let me know how you like the Mission Falls.