Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Angels and Demons

The Demon
I thought I would wait awhile before my next post. Wait to simmer down or be proved completely wrong. Neither one has happened so I am going to rant.

There is nothing that I can say about the VK entrelac Kimono jacket that can be printed without me being sited under some peice of legislation I have not doubt. Every instruction after the entralac section is wrong. Once instructed to pick up 361 stitches to give a total of 362 stitches, someone went on a trip and vacated the land of logic. I would like to write ream after ream of how rubbish I think this pattern is, but I am conscious that any number of things may have contributed to so many errors and much as I would like to lay blame, it won't solve my problems.

For instance the decreasing and shaping for the back is wrong ( you are instructed to decrease down to 81 stitches for the largest size with a measurement of 17 inches - it comes out to 14 and has a raglan shaping - it shouldn't!!), the increasing for the sleeve is wrong (you are instructed to increase to 72 stitches but the calculation given will give 92 - and 92 seems most appropriate). There are more examples but I won't bore you. I would not ordinarily put my neck on the block and claim a pattern is wrong, however on this occasion I have passed this pattern and my considerable work so far to many an accomplished knitter and math genius and it just ain't right!!

The above picture are the instructions followed for right front, as you can see there is still a way to go. If I follow the instruction I end up with -15 (yes, minus 15) stitches. You also get a sense of the raglan shaping going on - please tell me I'm stupid and it's all my fault - I could live with that. I have just recovered this post minus half my rant - obviously someone is trying to tell me something......... Suffice to say I will have to rip out at least half the thing and fudge it myself since VK are too busy to respond to me, or "Thank you for your message. Due to the overwhelming volume of mail we receive, we cannot answer every comment. We do value your input!" For now it has been consigned to the sin bin.

The Angels

I can't show you the angels at the moment. blogger won't let me!! I've finished the baby hooded caftan and Jessies' Flames - Shea loves it.

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