Friday, July 21, 2006

She's done

I present...... Crinkle

Crinkle from Rowan Magazine 39
started: 19/06/06
completed: 18/07/06
yarn used: Cotton Glace by Rowan (100% cotton)
ribbon 38mm and 150cm long
needles: 2 3/4, 3 1/4 and 2 1/5 for the border

This project was a dream to knit - I love the colour. The only downside was completing the borders. The lower edge, sleeve and front borders were supposed to be completed after the main garment was knitted and sewn up. I actually did a picot cast on for the sleeves when I re read the pattern half way through and looked at the amount of stitches that would need to be picked up and knitted before attempting the picot cast off. I don't normally block my garments, but was forced to do so with Crinkle so that the stitches could be picked up neatly. If I had to do it again, I would do a picot cast on for the bottom edging and pick up the stitches for the front edging and neckline. I think I understand why the pattern did not do this in the fiorst place, it may have caused some confusion - I'm sure the designer was not laughing their head off at the thought of the poor knitters having to pick up over 600 stitches!! I don't think it would make any difference to the construction, strength lines or fit of the garment. I'm afraid I'm not wearing/modeling her for the photo's, it's too hot and humid at the moment. It was a battle to finish her at all - but the pieces were crying out to be sewn together - due to a wonderfully, wickedly hot summer we seem to be having in London at the moment.

On the needles - Gwen, again from Rowan 39 (yes, I'm getting my monies worth!!) and a 'see where it takes me' log cabin styled blanket - courtesy of the new Mason Dixon book. More on these as they develop.

My knitting buddy is off on her hols, so I may knit a bit a a knitting slump. My stash was recently well enhanced, when I attended an impromptu fund raiser organised by Debbie Bliss for Bob Wilkinson. Most of the yarn was coned which meant plenty for one or even two garments. I have very good reason though, I passed the constructed textiles course and want to do the next level - which means more samples, more required garments and , oh yes - more yarn needed!! Kristine was there, she tried on various garments from the new DB book, Cashmerino DK. They all looked lovely on her, I think my green horns may have been showing just a little bit as Kristine modeled each garment. It was a beautiful afternoon, some of my friends new to knitting came along. For them it was a welcome experience to meet and talk to a knit wear designer, plus see all the garments in the 'flesh' from the book as well as get a real good feel of her yarns up close and personal. As a knitter, who knows what she wants, its easy for me to go to a yarn shop and feel my way around. For someone new it's a different experience. They may not always know or understand what to look for on the ball band and digest the information in a way that conveys what can be done with the yarn, the person working in the shop may not know very much about particular yarns or they may feel awkward about feeling the yarn or asking questions. They both became bolder as the afternoon wore on and came away full of encouragement and ideas for the future.


Poshyarns said...

It is brilliant Johanne, well done on finishing in this heat, the ribbong looks lovely. Congratulations on passing your course, what a fantastic achievement, glad you celebrated with some stash enhancement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Johanne,

Crinkle is beautyful.
The ribbon matches very well.
Can,t wait to get mine done now.
To hot here too.

Ryan Murphy said...

Strong of you to go out when it's so hot! I'm actually writing a blog about global warming. You can save the world by checking it out at