Monday, November 16, 2009


Is definiely smouldering away. It's almost complete - almost. It's the almost bit that is currently kicking my butt. I'm sewing in ends. It's so tiring that I can only do a small amount at a time. I don't allow my son to use the B word (boring) so I won't use it here. But is so is. I know the end result will be glorious, which is why, rather than leave the ends loose as is my want I'm taking time to do it right. In the mean time.....

Smoulder still in almost state

My technical problems persist, I've borrowed a friend's power pack for a while so I can use my laptop without curtailing my normal activities - like spending 200 hours a day on Ravelry!!!

I have started this (the dress) and this . They are both so scrummy - I'm loving both of them, although I have some misgivings about Sylvi. I will continue and see what happens........
Sylvi's sleeve

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Anonymous said...

Smoulder looks smouldering and yummy.
Hope your Sylvi will turn out OK.