Monday, December 08, 2008

Cable Coat - Update

My beautiful coat has a new home!! It was too big for me and has gone to someone who can do it justice. I learned quite a lot during it's construction which will be put to good use on the next one - yes, you heard right, the next one. This was always a prototype for 3 coats I want to knit myself. Magpie Aran is a brilliant yarn, and to take the words out of Karin's mouth I don't know why Rowan discontinued it.

In answer to Sue's question, the final coat is heavy to hold but not heavy to wear. Does that make sense? The next coat will be the same pattern but with modifications and I will use the stated yarn this time - Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - yummy!! I just hope it will be as warm as the Magpie Aran.

I won't be starting this until after Christmas. I have to finish off the Mystery Blanket, the Picnic Blanket and the Print O' the Waves shawl before I think about anything major - that's not to say I won't be starting anything at all..........


sue said...

I am so glad that your knitting time wasnt wasted on it, and that it has a new owner. Isnt that great when we can gift it to someone else who will love it. I cant wait until next year to see how the Cashmerino Aran knits up.

Dawn said...

That's a shame, but it's gone to a good home. You've a lot of big projects on the go. That Picnic border killed my shoulder!

I adore Magpie, unfortunately only have some oddballs and one pack left! A great sturdy aran weight.