Monday, October 06, 2008


The Estes Vest and my nearly new hair do

(actually I'm due another hair cut, it's getting too long now)

Estes Vest

Name: Estes Vest

Source: Interweave Knits Fall 2008

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in Teal Blue

Needles: 6mm and 5mm

Started: 4/9/08

Finished: 6/10/08

For: Me

Comments: A little modification on this one. I added length before I started the waist shaping. I inserted a zip instead of toggles or buttons. I also lengthened the collar to stand around my neck instead of end at the nape of my neck. I knit the piping around the armholes, but used garter stitch as a front and bottom border. And as Karin pointed out, I used a contrast yarn for the pocket linings ( I was worried I would run out of yarn - I didn't in the end, but it makes for a nice touch). Apart form that, a lovely pattern full of cables and more cables. I used the yarn double through out.


Rose said...

I love the changes you made to the vest. I have cast on for this in brown, but I also have the same yarn you made yours with and considered it before. It looks fantastic! I'm now rethinking this.

sue said...

What a wonderful vest. I love all the mods you made too. You must feel like a new woman with your new haircut which looks great.

Dawn said...

It's lovely, love the cables and all of your adjustments are for the better! Love the hair too, though I like it long as well.
I'm off to AP on Friday, not sure who's going on which day.

Anonymous said...

You look fab. A really flattering colour on you. I'm at Ally Pally Thursday if you are going that day. Hope to see you at K2Tog tomorrow. Jacqueline

Anonymous said...

It looks so much better the way you knit this than it does in the magazine.
I love the colour it looks great on you, not just the colour the whole vest does.
I also really like the black interior of the pockets - to match the zip.

Probably Jane said...

Really beautiful, warm and useful - I like your version much better than the magazine photo.