Thursday, April 10, 2008


I don't seem to be able to get this knitting thing right. when I work on Capri it snows, when we should be having sunshine - yet when I rush to get St. Brigid out, we have brilliant sunshine. I'm nearly finished Capri. I have the buttons to sew on. I'm not sure where my brain was at when I worked out the sizing - it's too small. No amount of pulling and blocking is going to change that. It may be Amelia's curse of the Calmer - it's hard to say. My tension seems to be okay, my skirts fit the same, so its not me!! That just leaves my marvelous mathematical calculations - something I regularly suck at.....
I've given Capri buttons - I didn't like the popper things they used. It looks lovely, it's too small!!

I finished the jitterbug socks. The young man is wearing them - he won't take them off! They are yummy. The yarn is slightly thicker than I would normally use, so they knitted material is denser - perfect.

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Dawn said...

What a bummer! It looks lovely though. I know how you feel, my Autumn cardigan is the same, and I'm now nervous about my calmer cardigan, my tension is definitely a little different from my tension square!