Sunday, September 16, 2007

A finished object


There are strands of yarn at the sides seams. (They are not stray ends!!)

As you can see here
My colours
Contrast sleeve
Detail of lace pattern on sleeves


Pattern: My own
Yarn: Louisa Harding 'Sari Ribbon Pure'
Louisa Harding 'Thalia'
Sirdar Organza
Needle size: 12mm, 8mm, 7mm
Started: 6/9/07
Finished: 10/9/07

Comments: This garment was a college project requiring man made fibres. The finished garment looks lovely and is very wavy and floaty hence the strands of yarn at the sides to add to the floaty feel. All of the yarns were ribbon in type and varied in thickness. They all tended to get stuck on the tips of the knitting needles no matter how many times I changed to more round ended needles! The The Organza and the Sari ribbon stripped my hands of moisture and skin.

Julia is almost finished. I hope the good weather stays long enough for me to get a decent photo. I've started this for my young man.
If it's clear enough you can also see a sleeve for Julia

It's the Zipped Jacket from the Debbie Bliss Special Family Knits book . It's a lovely book. As is her Rialto book - where the pattern for Julia comes from. I want to knit all of the patterns from it!! I liked it so much I sent a copy to my sister in Ireland. I think she is doing better than me and is on her second garment.

Young man, formerly known as number one son, has settled down into new school routine and is in honeymoon period at school. He's up and out bright and early and not one bit of moaning along the way. He's now my young man because he looks so different in a school blazer - all suited and booted as it were - and a rucksack that is bigger then he is!! I wanted to knit Nevis for him but he said it's too girly. I bought some Tapestry early this year for a college project that didn't work. I think it was the kilt that put him off.......


eusebius said...

I love the wavey project! It's truly a work of art. I am liking the new sweater too ... how the blue stripe adds a shock of contrast to the chocolate brown. cool!

Poshyarns said...

Wavey looks beautiful, really lovely colours.

Glad to hear the young man is settling into school, such a big step that one.

sue said...

Isnt that the best knitting book. I have already knit 2 patterns from it for my cousin's son and my daughter too. I plan on making the same jacket. I will have to check in every now and then and see how wonderful yours turns out.