Friday, August 04, 2006

We've been productive and creative

Well it's debatable whether I've been productive or if mother nature takes a bow for her good works. Veg is in bountiful abundance at my home. We have potatoes, onions, beans, peas, courgettes, spinach, chilli peppers, carrots, tomatoes and many more. I share an allotment with my dad. Can you tell who does all the hard work and who sends in the mob to pick and eat? When I've worked out how to transfer pictures from a mobile phone I'll post pictures in situ. For now feast your eyes on the produce remaining - i.e those that were not eaten on site or delivered to friends and family on the way home.

From these

to these, as if by magic!!

I see stuffed Marrow for dinner sometime soon

Don't you just love the colours?
In preparation of a few projects that have to be created and technically perfect (umm, yes, me who lerves to
cut corners) I'm making this:
More when it's finished.
I'm in need of technical assistance.
Apologies again if this post looks slightly squashed!!
We seem to have gremlins in the works.

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