Thursday, May 04, 2006

From strength to strength

I'm definitely on a roll. I finished Jinny some time ago (February)(Jinny is from the current Rowan Magazine - 39 but couldn't find buttons for her. I chose black cotton glace (by Rowan) because it was in my stash and this year is about depleting my stocks. By the end of the year, there should be no yarns of mass volume in my home. Being black, the stated buttons don't suit. This morning I woke up with a determined attitude. Today is the day, I said to myself, I'm going to find button, or I'm buying hook and eyes!! I found my way to Liberty, I was helped by the lovely Carol and (I've been there 4 times previously looking for the perfect match) low and behold, we found buttons, we tried the buttons in one button hole and it fit (be sure to visit Liberty if you can, all the knitting yarn staff and knowledgeable, helpful and take time with you). Now, I must explain that also previous to this I had been to a general store and bought some buttons - these being my fall back buttons, only to be used in dire emergency. I was a really good girl and only purchased one ball of yarn and dutifully went home. I got my sewing needle and yarn out and of course, the buttons are too big. By fluke the button hole we tried was the biggest one and none of the buttons could go through any other button hole, so I've succumbed to the fall back buttons. I'll still be on the look out for a better match, but life is passing me by and Jinny is lying unworn. My friend is in the process of moving and kindly left me her manikin until she settles in. It came in handy. It's a sad day when the manikin looks better than you do!! I had posted previously about the neck edge on Jinny, however when it's being worn the ripple effect disappears, so I'm pleased. And I love the detail on the bottom and sleeve edge. Lessons learned and observations: I definitely need to wear magic knickers with this top. I knitted it 7cm longer and it finishes in the middle of my round tummy, which is good, it means I have to walk around with my tummy held in (I hear this is good for posture!!). I'm glad I lengthened the top it would have been far too short, even with the buttons undone and worn over a dress. I now know I have short arms, the sleeves should be 3/4 length. It was a joy to knit, the beads were not difficult to add or knit in - it was quite rhythmical in fact. My batch of glace is more than 6 years old, and was full of joins. It's a good idea to unravel a ball of yarn and wind it up again to ensure there are no joins before you thread it with beads.
Other knitting
More good news, whilst knitting on the train today, a lady informed me that there is soon to be a new haberdashers in the main shopping area where I live. The shop will definitely be selling yarn. She even told me where I could find the new proprietress. On my way back to collect sprog from school, I stopped off for a chat, and yes, new store will be opening soon and yes they will be stocking Rowan and Jaeger. I could hardly contain my excitement. I think I may have spooked her by beginning the conversation with "I'm so happy I could kiss your feet". I'm not a willing internet shopper. It has its uses, but I much prefer going into a shop and having a good gawp and feel. They also have a really helpful attitude, I was encouraged to think about all the different types and brands of yarn I knit with to see which ones would be suitable for them to stock. More info when they open. Life is good!!

The ribbon edge cardigan is coming on a treat. Just the sleeves to do now and an outing to find some matching ribbon. We had glorious weather today and a defective train. Added together this equals extra knitting time in the beautiful sunshine


dawn said...

It's lovely! How on earth did you photograph it? Must be the beads...
I'm also destashing, wonder if we can manage it by the end of the year!

Anonymous said...

Jinny looks fanastic. I am so glad you told me about rewinding the yarn, otherwise I would have had problems with my Jinny.

Went to look at the yarn shop, can't wait for it to open. Hopefully they have a 10% day or something else.

I already know what yarn I want to buy!

Abi said...

Great Finish, my fave colour( black) The beads really make it special.Well done
How many balls did it take with the length extension?

Poshyarns said...

Your Jinny is beautiful, in fact, I think your version looks nicer than the one in the magazine. I don't wear much black now (I had a bit of a gothic thing in the 80's, I think I overdid black then and it put me off) but the cotton glace gives it such a lovely sheen and the beads are lovely. It is so great to see patterns from the magazine in a different way, I think this one has just gone onto my wish list.


Anita said...

Jinny looks great - it's a really pretty cardigan. I love knitting with beads, it looks great!